Icarus The Owl Nuclear Towns Lyrics

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Are you with me to come undone?
The first one of us is dust.
Can you fly down from above
and be the second one?

All we are is tumbling in the wind towards
a better fit. Can't get ahold of ourselves.
I thought for the very first time that
our childhoods could be re-lived.

What's a place without a designer? Is it emptiness?
What defines truth without a liar? Is it irony? Is there nothing there at all?

There's nothing here and there's nothing above me, but this rooftop.
There's no sea to part, and no wine was ever water.
Come with me and i'll try to show you
consequences. She was not alone.
A child without a father.

The sea is a whirlpool
You're plummeting down
You are a man of the sea. Prisoner of Davey Jones

Dinosaurs walk among us in small nuclear towns

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