Obscenity Obsessed With Slavery Lyrics

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Move the knife right to your eyes
Take the blade and carve the skin
Scratch the flesh right from the bones
Bump your head against the wall
Tortured by obligations
Like remote-controlled
Compulsive rituals
Acting under duress
Take a fork and pierce the tonque
Pull out your hair and eat them up
Gnaw your nails untol the flesh
Strangulate your throat

Obsessed with slavery obsessed with slavery, obsessed
Obsessed with slavery

Self destructive acting without any sense
I can't resist these commands
I can't resist the voice within
Like a weak willed puppet to invisible threads
It is deep inside me, in my body, in my head

Obsessed with slavery, obsessed

Tortured by obligations
Like remote-controlled
Insane senseless rituals
Acting under duress
Uncontrollable, compulsive acting
Offensive word attacks
Essential orders
Foced to do abnormal things

Obsessed with slavery, obsessed with slavery, obsessed

Where Sinners Bleed Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Obsessed With Slavery
  • 2 Die Again
  • 3 Mutate to Scourge - Infecdead
  • 4 Incomplete
  • 5 Out of the Tombs
  • 6 Cannibalistic Intent
  • 7 Where Sinners Bleed
  • 8 Return to Flesh
  • 9 Non-Existence
  • 10 The Bullet That Kills
  • 11 Forgotten Past
  • 12 Utter Disgust
  • 13 Fatal Curiosity
  • 14 Life Beyond
  • 15 Age of Brutality
  • 16 Corrupted Minds
  • 17 Infestical Plague
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