Cadence Weapon Oliver Square Lyrics

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Yo, it's corrupt where I'm from...Edmonton...TOUGH!
the swedes could speak about the heads we drums...ROUGH!
city lights will leave you red with blood
punched holes in the wall, then they fed the the thugs lunch....after they rocked the party in the literal sense
sedimentary perpesity they hit the kid on the lips
s___, you could could be on "Whyte.Ave" havin the time of your life
then you get your arm broken by a random cab driver, ask Katie
the nightlife is mad crazy, when a drunk tries to steal your car, he was trying to play me
but I didn't let'em, we peeled off quick, then we parked at IGA to break the seals off the lid
don't generalize, you must think and wonder
why i drink 40's and memorize buslink numbers?
well, I don't have a license, but I'm trying to gain prominence
cause i'm living in a house with a fridge full of condiments

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
i'll make it back to oliver square

so I'm drunk at the "Funky Pickle", nothing difficult
came out with just napkins, it was something pityful
currently unemployed but I depend on my friends
to contend with my impending impulse to spend
so I let Jane cover my pictures at "The Strat"
till I get a lil bit riches from this rap
but I digress, peeping few cherries in the rearview
R.C.M.P check for drunks on a steer through
yeah I take the 7th on 82nd to get to Jasper
so I can hit new city with the electro crashers
and Doug says "it's a vouyers roleplay"
to check someone seated like their birthday in the worst way
see me at "Victory", don't ask to see the skill
I'm sick of fanboys where im not competing him or
robotic bill spit, I come with the ill s___, still good
but more dangerous than "Milwoods".

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
I'll make it back to oliver square

I need to listen like records,
y'all all to get dismissed, on the wake up
I tend to politic with "Crisp"
don't stick your nose up, just cause the sic flow up
like if you go to a show to might see Nick Cosa
like if im on the mic, you better get froze up
cause i cut aluminum like a bus station smoker
anyway, we tend the black dog in on tuesdays
any crew with useless talk, don't give a f___ what you say
better low if your connected to lame prose
I'm bout to hit'ch ya with a stellar bottle of halo
ugly chicks at "The Armoury" sweet, alcoy
girl, i don't wanna be scening you like "Cowboys"
and I don't rap for free, not one dirty
your list will go downtown like the 135
lamping real pretty, don't care what rapping can get me
I'm just letting y'all know.. I'm from champion city

see me on the bill
better follow me there
i solemnly swear
I'll make it back to oliver square

From Milwoods, to the West-end
ask anyone of my best friends
you know what it is
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