Madchild On One Lyrics

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[Hook: Sophia Danai]
Today I'm just talking shit
I ain't worrying, I ain't hurrying
Cause you know that I'm on one

[Verse 1: MadChild]
You're a hater like a jaded loud mouth fisherman
You're a fuckin' traitor like Lando Calrissian
Welcome to the jungle, I'm an angry lion
Piss your panties, you're a little pansy holding dandelions
I can tell you're lies cause of all your pantomimes
Doper than your average fuckin' rapper, words they can't combine
I'm a fuckin' mastermind, call me master blaster
While I spread my words around like fuckin' Anti-Pasti
Anyways, I'm a neanderthal in a panty raid
Carping while I'm thinking about some memories I can't erase
Arguing with the me they made, saying I don't need a brain
My carburetor broken and I'm stranded on an army base
Applied to be a cop, they laughed and asked, "Are you retarded Shane?"
Stopped scratching my head and said, "The hardest part is admitting it"
I'm in the Caribbean, half-human amphibian
Oblivious, blow a fuckin' rapper to oblivion
Half mathematician and bad rap recipient
Omnipotent, manipulating listening participants
All about conditioning, glistening from discipline
Are you motherfuckers listening?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: MadChild]
I will show you how a corpse feel
Warp speed ahead, I'm surrounded by a forcefield
Death Star, dark dog, Lord Vader
Make these other fuckin' kids eat like harsh fourth graders
Okay, smoke you like tobacco, I'm a jackal with the shackles on
Sleep right through the day and hit the sack, just at the crack of dawn
Rap like I'm competing in a rap-athon, pack like Tron
I'm running shit like sprinted track in a decathlon
I'm a crazy ankle biter with the dope producer
No pollution, opposite of Lucifer and old Medusa
Rap like Frank Sinatra with a chest cold
Feel like a brand new Lamborghini getting test drove
Mangling with the anger of Incredible Hulk
On seven cycles of steroids, I'm incredibly paranoid
Welcome to the temple of a thousand wolves
And you don't want to make a gesture to arouse the bulls
Old buzzard with arthritis and muscle spasms
But I'm absolutely buzzing with this truly new discovered Superman enthusiasm
Make a deep incision
One cohesive vision of the Super Beast imprisoned


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