Pale Forest Once Again Lyrics

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when truth had widened every eye
History re-written
once the false was told "goodbye!"

Alone, the once proud shape now stands
in the shadows of regret
Onto his trembling hands
tears are flowing, fate is set

Lost in the hole she had designed
for someone else to fall into
Swallowed by the images
of a consciousness denied

The old colossal birds
conscious of their might
Soaring to the sky
aware of every lie

But soon his lies were told again
from darkness he was free
Told to every foe, and friend
...once again

Transformation Hymns Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Once Again
  • 2 Karma Violins
  • 3 Puny Minds
  • 4 Asylum Pyre
  • 5 Nothing Left
  • 6 Bedlam Friends
  • 7 Layer One
  • 8 Transformation Hymn
  • 9 Remnant Song
  • 10 Fading
  • 11 Butterfly Clan / Hidden Bonus Track: Hurt Me! (Nakiel Remix)
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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