Idle Cure One For The Money Lyrics

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One For The Money

From: Tough Love
by Idle Cure

Count your money, the bets are in
Roll the dice, take a spin
Your mind is racing, double time
You tell yourself "It's alright"

Flashing lights and the sound of the bell
Feels like heaven, it feels like hell
You're going crazy, just to win
You'll lose it all again

On the edge, over and over
Have you stepped over the line
One for the money
Two for the show
You've lost control
One for the money
Two for the show

Your hand is shaking, one more try
Can you make it, a do or die
It's all or nothing, will it pay
I wish I could say

To win or lose, well it's all the same
Look around, there's no one to blame
Can't leave it alone, what will you do
It's got a hold on you

God's love can pull you together
Just make up your mind
Quit chasing dreams only to lose them
Just a matter of time


By Mark Ambrose
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CD 1
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  • 2 Barter Mercy
  • 3 Frontline
  • 4 So Many Faces
  • 5 Hungry Hearts
  • 6 One For The Money
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  • 8 Runnin'
  • 9 Draw The Line
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