Tammy Wynette One of a Kind Lyrics

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Look at me 'cos I might be,
The very last one that you'll ever see.
Someday you may wake up and find,
I'm one of a kind.

Now, don't look back once you're free,
There'll be nothing left to see.
And I'll be just a memory,
But keep this in mind.
I'm one of a kind

I wish you love as true as mine,
May you find happiness this time.
If old memories ever cloud your mind,
I wish you sunshine.

So, I'll drink this toast to you,
Go and find who means the most to you.
But some night when she's lying close to you,
I'll ease through your mind.
I'm one of a kind.

I'll ease through your mind.
I'm one of a kind.
One of a Kind Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 One of a Kind
  • 2 That's the Way It Could Have Been
  • 3 Love Survived
  • 4 That's Just the Way I Am
  • 5 Sweet Music Man
  • 6 What I Had With You
  • 7 I'm Not That Good at Goodbye
  • 8 Heaven's Just a Sin Away
  • 9 I'll Be Your Bridge (Just Lay Me Down)
  • 10 Dear Daughters

  • Written by: Billy Sherrill, Stephen Allen Davis, Steve Davis
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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