Eatliz One of Us Lyrics

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Listen to the trees stomp through the forest
They bend their heads to see you through the clouds
You walked into the woods to follow your sorrow
But it tricked you down into a swamp
Nothing is out there to pull you out
Please come over here if you're one of us
Don't cover your ears if you're one of us
The willow she keeps your tears inside a safe
But it's dripping through a hole in your heart
The water pushes up pain that you buried
All your secrets rise and burst through the ground
There's a war inside a fight without sound
All of It Track Listing
  • 1 One of Us
  • 2 Miserable
  • 3 Bees
  • 4 Lilith
  • 5 Misanthrope
  • 6 A Giant Fall
  • 7 Heavenly
  • 8 A Visit to Dendroida
  • 9 Potion
  • 10 Last Bite
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