Galderia Out Of Control Lyrics

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Killing me!!! I"m lost again!
In the island of pain where no one understand!
In the void, I"ve seen the deadly reign!
I am back from the dark to fight the master plan!
In the night!
We are free and we are right!
I feel my mind again
In another time!
In the night!
Let me rise into the light!
I will return one day!!
We are on the road to nowhere from the void!
Another day will fall in the deadly hole!
I feel my mind again rising through this land!
Can you feel the call deep inside your soul
Out of control!!
Freedom voice is lying on the ground!
Oh see the world falling down!
We run out of this time!
Mysteries, we"re searching for the truth!!
Beyond the deadly hole, we run out of control!!!
Royaume de l'Universalité Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Aeons
  • 2 Raising Hell
  • 3 Dance Of Life
  • 4 Gate Of Mind
  • 5 Chaos Killer
  • 6 Out Of Control
  • 7 Universality
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