Pete Townshend Outlive the Dinosaur Lyrics

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I breathe
My throat clenches
Clutching to exclude
A dozen different stenches
In Falmouth Bay
A blue whale rolls
Going to drown in the swill
From city sewer holes
Summers longer
Deltas gashed
Ancient trees
Uprooted, smashed
Time is generous-more, take more
I must outrun the dinosaur

A silent temple
Decays and softens
A relic deaf
To bits and streams
And polo-necks
And perfect jeans
Obsessed with silence
Spiked by noise
I hold my son
I plan our toys
Time expansive-more, take more
I must outlive the dinosaur

Rising rivers
Drown new shoots
Words and breath
In death cahoots
The strong survive
To wean more brutes
Who grow and seed
Extend their roots
Cowards, bombs
And scab recruits
Like monkeys trapped
In monkey suits
Time is plentiful-more, take more
I must outfight the dinosaur

Written by: Peter Dennis Blandfor Townshend
Lyrics © Spirit Music Group

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