Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich Outta My Way Baby Lyrics

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[Pete Nice]
Pete Nice is in the house, ah Beatnuts in the house
Woop woop, Daddy Rich is in the house and we're about to swing it

"Outta my way baby! Man gotta keep on moving" (Repeat 2x)

Never got caught in the booty booty trends
As a youth peeped Red Alert on the weekends
Daddy Rich skills on the cuts like the butter
Head for the hills, jet go and tell your mother
Minister, sinister, a fist full of dollars see
Get with the vibes of my slick verbal tapestry
Never second guess cause your rep will start to crumble
Play the role of humble, if you follow, never stumble
Don't fret y'all if you think you're born the suspect
One day your record might boom in the projects
Say where you been, hey been swimming in the sewers
Cruising 24th street, picking up some brewers
Ya from, stung you with the lyrical artilary
Big rap money-making, please this place is for me
Like the E-Double said, "So Whatcha Saying?"
So get your fat ass out my way and

"Outta my way baby!" "Big rap money-making nigga"
"Outta my way baby!" "Man gotta keep on moving"

Here I come on the one with the burger on the bun
packing a ton, my water pistol weighs a ton, son
Some call me Jake, used to roll with the Fatman
Listen to my man, say Shawn's I'm a black man
Gave away the booty if the booty ever smelled up
Not the ??? with the frisk and got you felt up
Think I fall off, but let me tell you something
That's the day I see the white man jumping
Got the flavor of a Beemer 850
When it comes to tracks me and Rich is kinda pickey
Pete Nice and Daddy Rich swing and kick a verse
Step the way out my way out my way

"Outta my way baby!" "Man gotta keep on moving"
"Outta my way baby!" "Big rap money-making nigga"

Up in the Bronx where the people's kinda fresh and
Bought the Nike Air low cuts off the Jew man
Polish up a track like you polish up your five-stars
When I finish ripping, better check the stars
Bringing out the worst like a hearst in the casket
A question I ask it, a tisket, I tasket
Not the butter head cold chewing on the Grape Nuts
Beat style poetic with the butter of the Beatnuts
Took it overseas like the Lovetron Darryl Dawkins
Schoolyard ball, Roger Brown or Connie Hawkins
Walking like a duck, milk's the one but it's wispering
Sucking on pipes, but look at what it did to you
Pimping, scoring, the tour bus touring
Going to the Garden, see the Knickerbockers balling
Best believe we got the beat swinging
Peace to Mike Brady and I leave my man singing

"Outta my way baby!" "Man gotta keep on moving"
"Outta my way baby!" "Big rap money-making nigga" (Repeat 2x)
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