Ian Gillan Band Over the Hill Lyrics

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There is a good old boy in the valley
On the other side of the hill
There is a good old man in the canyon
On the other side of the hill
It took a thousand years to remember
Another thousand years to forget
The coming of the Messiah
The most famous preacher yet
There is an easy way to the green field
Where the air blows warm and clear
There is an easy route to the meadow
Where there is no hate there is no fear
You've got to get down under the water
Or throw yourself in the road
And if you're lucky you won't hit the fire
You can settle down your load
Watch the pieces fit together
That's the way we are
You are the hero I am a coward
You will be the star
If I tell you how to fight
You can easy win
Man is here to fight mankind
Man is here to sin
Will you take a little share of my hunger
I'm sure you'll patronise a starving man
Or will you take a little piece of the famine
In a far off Eastern land
No I don't show no respect for your feelings
I don't give a s___ for your smile
When there's a good old boy in the valley
Got religion twentieth century style
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