Pagan Fears Pagan Fears Lyrics

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There was a time
When the truth was alive
The rituals were guided
by true believers of the pagan rites
But the created lie arrives
And destroys that freedom
Implanting the false laws
Of the men that spoke
On behalf of a god

Today, the despair in the souls
those make look for a spiritual guide
And makes them believe in something but
Of that already this unavoidably established
Today the flock separates
And each one search their own freedom
But of two thousand years looking for the
Heaven in the hell
Now the false laws are broken
And I look for the beliefs of my ancients again
And I feel the mystic forces of the nature and
The stars
Now I feel my interior force
Breaking the silence of that forbidden
Looking for new doors
Obtaining a new awakening
Feeling new fears
Pagan Fears

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