Madchild Painful Skies Lyrics

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Look! I know what I did
And I'm not sittin' here blamin' anyone else
I'm not feelin' sorry for myself either

Yo! I listen to this beat it makes me think of what I've been through
All of the mistakes and stupid shit that I got into
All the fuckin' fakeness of people that I made friends wit
So 98 percent of those friendships, I had to end it
I'm to old to be worried and keep pretendin'
And I apologize to some of the people deeply offended
But I can't live in the past, that shit just wears me down
That shit just tears me up inside and fuckin' tears me down
I'm not the man I was then, but I am not runnin'
And I am not yet the man that I am still becomin'
I'm gettin' stronger everyday and I can fuckin' feel it
And all the problems of my past one day I'm gonna deal wit
Thanks for yo patience I apologize for each occurrence
And I just hope that ya can take this as some reassurance
My life is good. each day is better than the next day
But I have not forgotten won't settle till every debts payed

Time changes, each man ages
And sometimes best friends become strangers
Each life's a book wit blank pages
Last ten years it's a chapter that's outrageous
Time changes, every man ages
And sometimes best friends become strangers
Tears, anger and laughter we can't change it
Listen to yo hearts. We're protected by angels

(Verse 2)
Look! Let me make this clear I don't regret my whole past
Can't believe how time flies, shit has gone by so fast
Ya let me in yo secret world and that was quite an honor
And I admit that that's a life I thought I might have wanted
Probably of pursued If I hadn't gotten caught up
But flags they started raisin' wit these kids all gettin' shot up
And I became addicted to a drug that almost took my life
Lookin' back that might of been the only thing that saved my life
I'm full of luv now, I'm Happy. I don't harbor hatred
Pretty sure that's how God wants us and to me that's sacred
I'm not sittin' here judgin' and callin' ya'll some vagrants
And I'm not pointin' fingers questionin' yo occupations
I'm just hopin' that the way I feel can shine some light
I know ya got a good heart dawg. It's time to stop the fight
And let yoself become the man that yo supposed to be
I still believe in ya, no matter what, you're always close to me


(Verse 3)
And I know becomin' friends again ain't possible, at least for years
And fuckin' up for me is still a problem that I deeply fear
Only got a couple close friends now. That's how I like it
And I think I'm actually gonna make it, but I'm not a psychic
One of them's a brother proud to say that he's my best friend
Come on man! Ya got some fuckin' brothers, let this shit end
It's sad to me to see that greed is still The Devil's weapon
I tried my best to walk away from shit and kept steppin'
Brothers doin' good, his heart is filled wit luv
And we gon keep on buildin' wit these people that believe in us
Remember there was four of us till death do us part
Now there's only two of us the rest grew apart
It doesn't mean I don't think about ya too, every week
And even if we neva speak there's still a bond i'll neva leave
I hope yo happy and yo family is doing awesome
And hope that yo still followin' the progress of the little monster
Ya had a hand and that helped and saved my life, I won't forget
Let's live the next half wit no regrets, cuz it ain't ova yet

(Hook) Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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