Radical Face Paper Birds Lyrics

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As Mother Nature sings Her requiem
The machines all gather around and sing along
We hang from kites until the tide comes in
It'll be another week before we know what's wrong

We watch the trees turn into skeletons
As the leaves float to the ground and fill the cracks
They'll try to show us the improvements then
But they know without a doubt that we won't come back

Drift to the moon, write out your name
There's something to remember
The smile on your face
Is enough to make me crawl out of this place

So let's the chew the fat until the axis bends
Well, we'll climb inside the sun and write our wills
We'll sell our secrets to the government
So the world can eat them up until they've had their fill

Caught in the rain, soaked to the bone
I'm nothing to remember
But the smile on your face
Is enough to make me crawl out of this place

Torn paper birds
Drop from the sky
And carry my home away
The rooms in the walls
Climb out and fall
I hope they'll be okay

When you're fearless
It makes it hard to stay awake
When you're gutless
It makes it hard to play the game

The cracks in my spine
The gleam in my eye
The fork inside my lungs
They'll never change
And I'll do the same
The war that's never won

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