Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich Pass the Pickle Lyrics

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Would you look at that kid, I've never seen hands that fast
I get him down at the deli on - on Ocean Avenue
(Yy-ay-ay chop-chop-chop)
If we get him down at the deli
He can handle the whole lunch rush on his own
(Get me a pickle)
I think what we could do
Put him back there by the meat slicer
(Make a sandwich)
Make a nice sandwich
We put that black velvet poster with the unicorn back there
Keep him occupied
Unbelievable he'll - hey
Don't mess with the beat there, Richie
If you're not gonna
If you're not gonna be in my deli workin
You're not gonna mess with the beat with that quick hand of yours, huh?
(Stay off that beat)
Hands like lightning
I'm gonna have you down there
For 3 and a quarter an hour
Money like that sounds good, huh?
Think about it: 3 and a quarter
(You'll have that jeep before you know it)
A big jeep with big wheels
You can drive real fast
(You can move around with all your hoodlum friends)
Around my block a million times
Cause where you're gonna go anyway, huh?
Me, I'm goin to Florida in 4 years
You work the lunch special
It be beautiful, I can see it
40 sandwiches an hour

I hear ya
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