Lil' Keke Past Tense Lyrics

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Ok yeah, you know man
We gon' do it like this here man
We gon' put a lil' past tense old school on it man
Bless em with a lil' game, you know I'm tal'n bout
Check it

I got that human ancient on, that'll make them doves cry
We blowing on exotic, known to make them thugs fly
I'm listening to some Mary J., cause that's my sweet thang
And girl your body heavy set, like Keisha Cole frame
I love to see ya happy, and I hate to know you sad
I love the way you walk, I think you need another bag
Say boo you're looking gorgeous, and them red bottoms nice
I turn on something smooth, and get your head game right

[Chorus - 2x]
I'm on that Michael Jackson, mixed it with some Prince
I'm jamming old school, it got me feeling past tense
A touch of Keisha Cole, and then I dropped some Mary J.
And girl you just so fine, I think about you everyday

I'm riding Sunday evening, jamming Jill Scott
I'm on some other shit, when I come through the parking lot
I got you on my mind, and then you flash across my line
Can't wait to get you posted, then I hit you from behind
Back in my Caddy rolling, I'm jamming Kelly Rowland
I mixed it with that B, and now my destiny unfolding
I'm feeling past tense, some Purple Rain Prince
And girl you extra fine, you know this shit don't make sense
I'm Don Ke from H-Town, living like a boss
I'm riding to that Frankie Beverly, trying to come up lost
I'm on that Jimmy hustling, Mary J. to slow it down
Alicia Keys, done took me to the other side of town

[Chorus - 2x]

And you remind me of a lovely day, a player can't forget
Them funky mellow tracks, just make me do this type of shit
I touch it with some Rimey, go bless it with some Whitney
We on that Keisha Cole, it got me headed for your kidney
That track just come and get me, I'm feeling past tense
I'm on that Michael Jackson, still thinking where he went
I might just go with Ronald Isley, baby ain't no telling
So let me groove with you girl, it's nothing but smooth sailing
You rolling with that Don Ke, I'd like to tell ya thank ya
She told me no problem, and assured me a gangsta
This music in my heart, and I can do this type of thang
I'm on that Mary J., I'm getting high as Rick James Don Ke

[Chorus - 2x]

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