Talpa People Are Animals Lyrics

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She says, quote: "I was looking at my friend Linda. Suddenly feathers popped out of her skin. Her nose turned into a beak. She had an Eagle's face. I looked at my boyfriend Johnny. He was turning into a bird too. So was Linda's boyfriend. We were at Central Park Zoo. I couldn't move, I wanted to cry but no tears would come. Oh God, I heard myself yell, people really are animals. I started laughing hysterically. And the insanity would feel funny. I started to run away from the others through Central Park until I stopped under a stone bridge. Johnny kept calling me. After a long time I went up the bridge. Johnny always had been my source of security. He said lsd was groovy, it wouldn't hurt me. He said I'd see beautiful colors and hear musical dooms. But I never did. Instead I saw awful things, people looked like monkeys. Cracks and sidewalks became deep premises you could fall into. Finally after about 8 hours the drug started to wear off. I was depressed for days afterwords.
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CD 1
  • 1 First Ray of Light
  • 2 My Kingdom
  • 3 Trust No Goblin
  • 4 No Place to Hide
  • 5 Dragon Tale
  • 6 People Are Animals
  • 7 Flybeereligion
  • 8 The Moon
  • 9 Rebirth
  • 10 Back to Dreaming
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