Wampire People of Earth Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
People of Earth
I have travelled so far
You know I’m made of glitter
Cuz I come from the stars
I’ve flown from star to star
To reach this planet so blue
Listen to my story
Cuz my message is true

And I know
Just how you feel
And I see
Your loving is real
But your ways
Will lead you you astray
The clock on the wall
Will ruin it all

[Verse 2]
People of Earth
They’re always driving their cars
They dress all kinds of fancy
And they’re drinking at bars
The thing I like the most
Is how they show what they feel
The clock upon the wall
Is always mocking them still

But I know
Just how they feel
And I see
Their loving is real
But in space
Time is erased
The clock on the wall
Would ruin it all

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