ohGr Pepper Lyrics

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Mark these arctic bones setting a better Getty back to own
Nothing adds up bitter sum what is underdone
Fabrication brings disorder
Shore rear indeed this corner is
And all too well known place
That has now become a prison

Can I fix it
Going to waste it
Can I fix it now
Can I fix it
And Jim mixed it
Can I fix it now

In amongst the trees
Rotten to the core of expertise
Vision spin the head again
See through walls secret games
Nested covers fury tracks
Malicious nature of attacks
I wish I was so sophisticate
A pillar show a stink of faith

I really want to fix it
Go away now
Hybrid motion you will win the place
Go away
Feeling I want take it
Take away ahh
I really want to pick up on this place
And get back to the

And because what is needed what undone
All together so up so apart on this ever puzzle accident
And become what is needed what undone.

I'm a tick my in your hate your face
Take me back to someplace
Where I thought I was yesterday
I wish I was tomorrow
I'll give up tomorrow
I'll give up about today
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