C‐Murder Picture Me Lyrics

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[Featuring Magic]
************s you see a TRU ***** walk on the streets
you step on the side and respect that man
TRU *****s never die we recreate to survive
Picture me a TRU *****
(real *****s don't die.Cause TRU *****s gon ride.)
Picture me a TRU *****
(real *****s don't die.Cause TRU *****s gon ride.)
Picture me a TRU *****
(real *****s don't die.Cause TRU *****s gon ride.)
Picture me a TRU *****
(real *****s don't die.Cause TRU *****s gon ride.)
I been livin my whole life just awaitin this opportunity.
To clock G's and makin you ************s see.
Criminal minded I'm leavin you *****es blinded.
You ************s should kneel when my thoughts start unwinding.
I joined a force to be reckoned with,and we all TRU.
We got political leaders jockin our ****in crew.
Millionaire motha****as but still we thug *****s.
Catch me flossin in Hilfigers with my TRU *****s.
Coatin *****es only fantasized in your biggest dreams.
Make em scream like Master P(ungh!)scream for Ice Cream.
Got a ***** like Mr. Magic makin six figures.
It feels good to be a TRU *****.
************s know I mean business,when I walk in the streets.
I keep a picture of my kid,in case a ***** get me.
Affiliated with this army,and TRU be my click.
Tattoes,all up on me,cause I'll die for this ****.
My definition of a TRU *****.I represent it.
Is a soldier ready to ride for No Limit,and win it.
And if I lose another tank dogg,he's always in my memory.
I put you in a song and you become a part of history.
To all my real *****s:dont let the ghetto take you under.
If you travel the streets,make moves,in large numbers.
A couple guns,some extra clips,don't make you bigger.
You need some *****s watchin yo back,you need some TRU *****s.
You have the right to be paranoid
You standing in front of the Southern's finest.
Bein broke and livin slow is some bullshit behind us.
Million dollar dreams of gettin rich.
Smokin my weed and drinking hennesey down by the pitcher.
Ain't no slippin because my click is ****in airtight.
So playa hater get yo **** right.
I annihilate you *****s I think is gonna bother me.
No greater love then bringin myself on my enemies.
So lord forgive me for thinking materialistic.
But societys full of bullshit.
I done sold my soul,so you can label me a paid *****.
It feels good to be a TRU *****.
(Laughing.).Picture me with TRU records
A made *****.Immortal.Us *****s never die.We multiply
(Laughing).Ima make all you *****s remember me
y'all *****s feel me?
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