Sacred Steel Plague of Terror Lyrics

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Can you feel the cold chill in the air
d___ed souls - they have risen from their lair
Can't you read the signs - they're clear to see
Death immortal claims mortality

Come forth - break through from the depths of hell
Mortals - beware - hear the demon bell

From the land of the dead we rise to fly
Plague of terror
To the land of the living - prey in sight
Plague of terror
Your judgement day it has arrived
Plague of terror - rise

Darkening the sky - black legion's wings
Loyal to the crown of their dark king
Falling from the sky - hell's plague of doom
Mankind dies - the earth it's silent tomb

"Ladies and gentlemen. This will be our last broadcast
Evil incarnate has conquered our world
It seems like there's no way to escape the wrath of the undead legions
That have emerged from hell
May god be with us! Harris Johns for CNN network"

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