Ecocide Planet Eater Lyrics

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Born out of nothingness
Emerge from the dark pits of s***e
No tales of his existence
Being from another dimension
Worlds are devoured
Leaving no trace of existence
Annihilation of the cosmos
Swallowing all stars
Feeds like black holes
On light and time

Creating a portal
Travelling through dimensions
Collector of universal energy
Trapped in his realm
Opening the mouth of death
Creator of the apocalypse
Demolisher of everything
Planet Eater

Galactic apocalypse
Tearing planets apart
A soulless creation
Spreading death beyond the stars
The destruction is beginning
The atmosphere is decaying
Getting exposed to radiation
Chaos is spreading
When the sun was taken from the sky
Visions of death
When he descends upon the Earth

Planet Eater

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