Kendrick Lamar feat. GLC Poe Mans Dream (His Vice) Lyrics

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Smoke good, eat good, live good
Smoke good, eat good, live good
Smoke good, eat good, live good
Smoke good, eat good, live good

[Verse 1]
I used to want to see the penitentiary
Way after elementary
Thought it was cool to look the judge
In the face when he sentenced me
Since my uncles was institutionalized
My intuition has said I was suited for family ties
My mama is stressing, my daddy tired
I need me a weapon, these n____s ride
Every minute, hour and second. Ministers tried
To save me. How I'm gonna listen when I don't even hear God?
Heaven or Hell, base it all on my instincts
My hands dirty, you worried 'bout mud in your sink
You like to mistake a street n____ for real n____
The same n____ that killed with ya, squealed with ya
I deal with ya like my son, stare at the sun
And you'll be looking in my eyes, homie
Stand for something, or fall for anything
And you working with two left feet at the skating rink
But anyway, this for my n____s
Uncles, 23 hours sending me pictures
I want you to know that I'm so determined to blow
That you hear the music I wrote, hope it get you off Death Row
You came home to a pocket full of stones
A Metro PC phone, then you went back in
So when I touch the pen, the pen is in my view
I'mma get it right, just so you


[Bridge - GLC]
And I do this for the city
Got some Hennessey and my real n____s with me
f___ the police, they gonna have to come and get me
If it feel good to you, holler if you hear me

[Verse 2]
You like to mistake a street n____ for a real n____
That same n____ that kill with ya, will squeal with ya
I'd like to start it out from the bottom and build with ya
Be on my last dollar and split the bill with ya
I'm 23 with morals and plans of living cordial
Not rich, but wealthy
There's nothing you can tell me
My killings are not remorseful
The city got my back, and for that, I give them my torso
You think about it, and don't call me lyrical
Cause really I'm just a n____ that's evil and spiritual
I know some rappers using big words
To make their similes curve
My simplest s___ be more pivotal
I penetrate the hearts of good kids and criminals
Worry some individuals that live life critical
So won't you bare witness while I bare feet
So you can walk in my shoes and get to know me
But anyway, this for my pops
On his lunch break, eating in the parking lot
On 'Wanna Be Heard,' probably thought he worked my nerves
But really he was stressing me, getting what I deserved
Somebody said my name on the radio
He ain't know I was ready for
The world that minute
So the next time he roll up and drop grams in it
He'll probably be out of work, laid back, while he

[Hook & Bridge]

[Outro: GLC]
Church is definitely on the move and now we
Took it up to the cathedral cause the ism is enourmous
You know what i'm talkin about?
We out here rotating under the five p's, proper
Preparation prevents poor performance
Know what i'm talkin about?
Doin my thing, cause I'm rotatin when my
Speakers thumpin from the windy city streets
All the way out here to the streets of Compton
Know what i'm talkin about?
Church is definitely on the move and we gonna
Continue to hustle and grow and develop by
Fire, as I rotate with my true player partner
By the name of Kendrick Lamar
You know what i'm talkin about?
This is the ism this is the vision
You know what i'm talkin about?
You gotta get up off your a__ and get it, man
Thats the only way your pockets gonna expand
I tell you everyday, you know what i'm talkin about
Apply yourself to supply your wealth, only
Limitations you'll ever have are those you
Place upon yourself. church is definitely on
The move, you know what i'm talkin about
Exercise your ism and don't depend on no one
Else, cathedral, chuch. ism

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