Baby Lemonade Pop Tarte Lyrics

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She is the New Wave queen
Leaded gasoline
In all the magazines
On the scene, i look for you
Talking on the phone
And every word, i'm hangin' on
Let's talk about the Beach Boys
Psychedelic rendez-vous at 2
Remember Melrose and the Llasha Club?
The Three O'Clock?
Your mini-skirts have gotten shorter
With the 90's pop
And you know this song is from the heart
To you Pop Tarte
Let's put some records on
Live at the Budakon
Purple lipstick luck
Pop Tarte, i wrote this song for you
The Who
Yeah you have your reasons why
When you left, i didn't cry
Colours roll around my eyes
Colours made Brian smile
On the outside looking in
On the inside there's your skin

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