Idle Cure Pour Out My Soul Lyrics

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Pour out my soul
Give you control, You are there

I wanna cry out from the darkened place
Reach out by calling your name
The tears of sorrow that touch my face
Can't ease the guilt or the shame
Alone in the darkness afraid to go on
But you delivered me

When I pour our my soul,and I give You control
You are there, with a heart of compassion
Out of the darkness, and into the light
Take me there,
Let the morning show your unfailing love
I want to be taught how to do Your will
Help me to find level ground
I hear Your Word and my heart is filled
I'm overwhelmed by the sound
Stopped on my path, afraid to let go
But You delivered me

For the sake of your name
Will you make me the same
As the image of You that
Revived me from shame...
Locked in this prison, trapped in this life
But you delivered me.


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