Cockney Rejects Power and the Glory Lyrics

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This is all I have, wont be much help but I'll post it

When ships set sail, to restore englands pride,
Thousands of blokes like me& you,
Were on their way to die,
Wifes and families were told the same same thing,
They said it was a privilege,
To be murdered for your king & country.

(No matter whay they? )

And the fatman sat over his desk,
And laughed while others cried.

The power and the glory,
The power and the pride,
The only price that we have payed,
Was for our boys who died

The power and the glory,
The power and the pain,
It don't matter what they do,
We will rise again

See the bombs they flew,
Through world war II,
Through the albert dust & gold(?)
We could never show our fear,
The wealth could never know,
And through the years,
They she'd some tears,
So many tears were cried
And the working class got up his ass,
And curse the ones that lied.

(And the fat man sat over his post(?) and said look,
We won the war.)

And tears were she'd over our dead,

Sry this is all I have it's prob what u can hear anyway,
But it might work as a model to figure out what the
Hell they are singing
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