Saidian Praise the Lord Lyrics

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The battle is raging it's out of control
Fire burns in the sky
So many victims fell under the cross
Innocent they've died

Who can you command
To kill with your hands
So many innocent souls
Oh it's a mess when we hear
(your) hypocritical prayers
Of wrong interpreted religions

Praise the Lord - a bright shining shelter in infinite night
Praise the Lord - to end all the slaughter he shall be our guide
Don't be defeated by bible and preachers feel free in your believe

The so called 'holy' Bible
Once was written as a metaphor
For centuries was misused as an unbreakable law

So many people have lived in fear
So many people have died in tears
Now it's up to you to be free
In your believe

Setting fire at the infidels stake
You're a preacher for freedom and right
But in your blindness unable to see
The freedom you fight for has died

Just don't believe the pope and the priests
Build up your own attitude
Now I praise the Lord - without a church
Free to believe what I feel

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CD 1
  • 1 Resurrection (intro)
  • 2 Ride on a Phoenix
  • 3 Praise the Lord
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  • 5 Fallen Hero
  • 6 Crown of Creation
  • 7 See the Light
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