Ofermod Pralayic Withdrawal Lyrics

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The sacred names on lips of fire
Praised and invoked by each blessed prana
In eternity worshipped by the god-forms
Inebriated by compassion and cruelty alike
Thou Shadow, join my transition to this burning place
of aggresion. of Power and Perversion
Sacred diversion

From here I direct my bhakti to Naught
With each vital organ trembling
At the sound of my vibrating prayer of Death

Burning in frenzy I raise my voice
Turning in for each limb, each dark Name of Power
I summon, I chant, I pray for Salvation
Lifeless Redemption
I burn, and I burn, and I burn with devotion
Death Inebriation
Pralaya Divine
Withdrawal to Ain

Ve'erastich li l'eolahm Tehôm
Ve'erastich li be'emunah
Veyadaath et Ain

Ascending the cosmic structure
Beyond gods forgotten and sacrament lost
Such zealotry never witnessed
By angels nor demons, by gods nor by men

Barchu et Mehûmah hamvorach
Baruch Tehôm hamovorach
Le'olahm va'ed Amen
Greeting the Fiery Serpents of Nephtys
Scorch, spear, chain and sword
By wich I am tortured to Death bliss
Still I aspire unto the highest Lord... Holy Chaos!!!

Pralaya Divine
Withdrawal to Ain

I curse this place, and it blesses me thrice
I crush this temple. and in three days it is raised again
rom the ashes of the w****s that pull me back
In Vain
For my seed still runs from their mouths
As a mark that I ever existed
In Vain

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