Idle Cure Pray Lyrics

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I looked with a smile
just to break the ice
The air was getting thicker
you could cut it with a knife
I got his attention
Then he shut me down
He said I gotta run
Gonna have some fun
don't preach to me now
Lord tell me how to make a difference
Lord tell me what to do
Every time I need some direction
You say (get down, get down) on your knees and
Pray for the heart of man
Pray for his open hand
Pray that you'll always be
A light the world can see

I'm all wound up
tried to say the right thing
Could tell it was over
I made no sense
"Heard the fat lady sing"
He wouldn't even listen
no passion or love
All I remember the last thing he said
"I'm not gonna join your club"
Lord tell me...
Pray for the ...
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