ICE MC Prayer Lyrics

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This is a prayer that I would like to
Dedicate to my family and my friends for the starving children in Africa
'cause they don't have no one to look after them
This is a prayer for the sick who are
Feeling pain and strain and good health they regain
Again a prayer for my race
To keep up the pace and to have a smile.
Prayer, baby baby baby baby prayer

This world is perverse it's turnin' reverse
And we need you to bring us the way through
You are the head of the one universe
What you decide is the only truth
I pray to stop all the evil thoughts
In the minds of devils not on my level
I just want peace I, don't ask for war
I do love my life Lord accept my prayer.
Prayer, baby baby baby baby prayer

I touch my head then I touch my chest
Then I touch my shoulder then touch the other
God bless my friends and god bless my mother
God bless my father also my brother.
It is a prayer for the rich and the poor
And for the soldiers who fight in the war
And last but not least a prayer for me
To achieve what I wanted to achieve.
Prayer, baby baby baby baby prayer.

by Bitito

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