Abhorrent Castigation Preachers of Death Lyrics

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What is so bitter in your life you dispraisers
You superfluous, you desolaters?
You have devaluated life after all
And you long so for death
All life shall pass by they say
Decease from the vale of tears
Ascend into redemption
Life is only suffering they say

Hardly are they born, when they begin to die
And long for doctrines
Of lassitude and renunciation
What is their gospel?
The contempt for life
Preachers of death
Paradise they will not find
Like a spark they will extinguish
In a sea of darkness
The spirit leaves the flesh forever

Don't the masses have the ears for it?
To eagerly absorb the preaching of death?
To despise and hate this life?
Doesn't the struggle tire them?
Let them have their paradise!
Let them attend to ending!
That they extinguish their flame
And cleansed the earth remains
Let the superfluous be drawn away from life
Drawn away by eternal life
Shall their death wish come true
Let them dissolve

What is their gospel?
The renunciation of life
Dispraisers of life they are

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