Bad Religion Prodigal Son Lyrics

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Oh, can't you feel the nostalgia? I wonder about ya
Modern-istocrat Horatio Alger
Clever, never hesitating in the baiting, ever waiting
For the canticle of manacles abating
Did you ever forget you had a regret, and what you only guessed at
Might still be waiting?

When the prodigal son with a caroming shadow of hate comes to land at home
Well, he's a morning star with a champagne heart at his curtain call
And father never understood the way the work gets done
Don't look at me; no, I ain't one, no prodigal son
Don't look at me; no, I ain't one, no prodigal son

When everybody about is ready to bout you about controversial values
Don't you think you better readdress the level of the cowardice rising to drown you?
Did you ever connect or come to reject or even inspect
That dream that hounds you?


When you least expect it, he's going to run
Like the blood red path of the western sun, oh yeah
The prodigal son is waiting, waiting for his moment to come

Well, hell no, don't look at me
Can't you see? I ain't one, no prodigal son
It ain't me; no, I ain't one, no prodigal son

Written by: Brett W. Gurewitz, Greg Graffin
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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