Abhorrent Castigation Prometheus Lyrics

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Disappointed we turn away
Our knowing glance penetrates the heavens
Still the only answer
Is the echo of our unheard calls
Long ago we tamed the fire
A godly spark failed to appear
Built homes that resist the storm
No spirit drove the nail

I preach the new pride
And the new humility as well
A new consciousness
A new grandeur

There is warmth
In abandonment
Much community
In aloneness
Our sweat and our blood
Soaked up by this earth
We gave it not without delight
The delight of the creator

Our spirits free, intentions pure
Our failure, so human, so real
Jealous gods look at our grace
Our compassion, a thorn in their flesh
We don't need your false hope
No illusion to drive us
No threat to scare us
No alleviation

It was us who tamed the fire
The external as well as internal
We forged the key
That opened us the gates of the world

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