25 ta Life Promise Keeper Lyrics

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What was said
Back days gone by
I don't blame you for what's become
I just want it back
What I remember it being
f___ing strong

Well its been over 10 years
And the roads taking me places
I aint never dreamed
Over 10 years
And the spirit still remains
It still remains

Promise keeper right from the start
Promise keeper right from the heart
Promise keeper sincerity pride
Promise keeper keep it alive

Yeah it's cool you moved on
But don't mock me
Cause I believe
You do what you want
With your life
And I'll do the same

Promise keeper
Straight Edge
Promise keeper
Promise keeper
Drug free
Promise keeper
Haterz Be Damned Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Haterz Be Damned
  • 2 Promise Keeper
  • 3 Drown in Your Own Blood
  • 4 Where It Begins
  • 5 Make It Work
  • 6 Wise to da Game
  • 7 Separate Ways
  • 8 End the Hate, Violence Fade
  • 9 Da Low Down
  • 10 Shortfuse
  • 11 Keepin' It Real
  • 12 Fight Dirty
  • 13 Lead Song
  • 14 Strength Thru Unity
  • 15 Absence of Sincerity
  • 16 Loyal ta the Grave
  • 17 Let the Past, Be the Past
  • 18 Hardcore Rules
  • 19 Bullet for Every Enemy
  • 20 Refocus
  • 21 As One
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