Above the Law Promise Me Lyrics

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Every afternoon i go inside
these bitter walls
and I'll open up your eyelids
to uncover what went wrong
I know its true what they say
you cant get on everyday
when it all comes around in a circle

last night
while you were sleeping
i never noticed this before
how i even want you more
when you are right here
In time I hope you will find out
that everything that i have said
was in your best interest instead
what i wanted out of you is not my fault

ive never felt so in love with
ive never been one to tell the truth
ive never felt so alive
cause i wanna know
why it feels this way inside me
how you feel when your around me
i wanna know whats going on
Legends Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro (Floetry)
  • 2 X. Owit Me
  • 3 Set Trippin'
  • 4 Promise Me
  • 5 Be About Yo Bizniz
  • 6 Clinic Niggaz
  • 7 Soliciting
  • 8 Deep Az the Root
  • 9 The Streetz
  • 10 Summer Days
  • 11 L. A. Vibe
  • 12 Worldwide
  • 13 Karma
  • 14 Soul Searching
  • 15 Adventures Of...
  • 16 In God We Trust
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