Dead Infection Pungent Excruciation Lyrics

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Sanguinary disinterment
Necrobiotic rash
Gnawing, throbbing anguish
The gullet is now mashed
Pungent excruciation
Flesh mummified by lice
Amputated contusion
Help yourself to a slice...


Gangrenous abscesses
Paralysis sets in
More carnage and bloodshed
And the reek of molten skin
Frenzied detruncation
Dispeptic, charred and black
Terminal putrescence
Psychotics carve and hack

Osteoporous enzymes release deadly secretions
As the clotted parasites devour the excretion
Emanation, suppuration - blood starts to gush
My nocturnal dysentry is unleashed on this mush

[Solo1: Parasitic Excrement Consumption]

[Solo2: Morbid Ferocity]
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