Saga Push It Lyrics

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I'm an adrenalin junkie,
Just can´t get enough
Get bared so easily
I know I'd better be lucky
'Cause I know I've got the right stuff
Does anybody out there feel like me

Gonna push it - till I lose control
Till I reach the soul
Push it, push it hard and fast
Push it, like today might be my last
Push it, till I'm on the edge with no safety net
Push it, till I learn to fly
Push it, till I meet you on the other side

I gotta tkae it to the limit
I will never look back
Just a case of hti and run
I´m headin' out of the shadows
You know I've gotta move fast
It's up to us to be under the gun

Forgive me Father for my sins
But there's no contest if no-one wins

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