Non Serviam Queen of Beauty Lyrics

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The visions haunt in the night

An emblazoned silhouette emerged
The Queen of Beauty I beheld
She gave me birth to the mayfly of love
And it descended upon me

Mountain of emotion
Summit of Seraph
Descending, falling as the nestling bird
Hands of desolation grasped my soul
And my inner tranquillity suddenly perished

Into the opaque thou shall obediently follow me
And nourish my desires to thrive
Thou shall submit to the yoke
And woebegone thou dust moulder away...

Embraced by crushing hope
Erased by the ice of dismiss
Trapped under ice froze my hope
The healing sun appeared and the mayfly flew away

By nightfall invited I was
My arousal was caused
By the crack of dawn dismissed I was
My armageddon was caused

Between Light And Darkness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Temptation of Blood
  • 2 Obscurity Unveiled
  • 3 Between Light And Darkness
  • 4 Satan's Spree
  • 5 The Enchanting Dance Of Mischief
  • 6 Face Behind The Mirror
  • 7 Infernal Spirit
  • 8 Queen of Beauty
  • 9 Sins And The Embracing Of Shades
  • 10 Throne Of Mendes
  • 11 Sense Of Withering
  • 12 Melody Of Grief
  • 13 Outro
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