Abdel Wright Quicksand Lyrics

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Chorus We're going down, down, down in quicksand Our country's law is left in slippery hands So many educated yet no solution We're going down, down, down in quicksand. Number one! Purge all police station and some headquarters for corruption. Two! Some politicians don't have a clue One bag of promise, comfort for a fool. Three! Mama can't pay school fee Blood out of stone, education nuh free. Four! Ghetto youth with him gun hardcore Plan fe mash a works but prison at him door. Chorus repeat… Number Five! Prisons rehabilitation Inmates fe go out and change the nation. Six! Government and politics People a bawl sey the road want fix. Seven! Courthouse flex like the devil Pure injustice and the law it no level. Eight! Blood shed climb, high rate A long time ghetto youth a try hold the faith. Chorus repeat… Number Nine! Rich man alone want climb Inner cities need the resources to shine. Ten! What about the homeless them? The place them sleep it worse than hog pen. Eleven! Me know sey
the world it no level Tables must turn and the scores soon settle. Twelve! Babylon must get melt Good over evil, righteous dwell. Chorus repeat…
Abdel Wright Track Listing
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  • 11 Main Street Kingston
  • 12 Troubled Waters

  • Written by: Abdel Wright
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