Birdman R.I.P. Lyrics

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Rest in peace to my momma, rest in peace to my daddy
Rest in peace to my homie, rest in peace to my family
Rest in peace to my D boy, my OG boy, told me be a B boy
Rest in peace to my cause, money is the love
Disrespect me *****es its murder up in bloods
Rest in peace to my homies in the pen,
Ain't comin' home and that they cant win

My homie momma died he was 5,
Brought him to the street life taught 'em to survive
Block was his daddy, tatts in the caddy now
Blowin' on that gonja lil' homie had to have it huh
Full of that aroma, gun alone taught 'em the corner
***** life in the streets homie up in the mornin'
See we G's ****in' with these flees
Work in they house and you know we got to eat
Youngster wanna be, a gangster like me
I let 'em all see so they know how it be
Streets is a ************ game of life
Playin' the hard part of it is livin' it twice
Fresh with the money now, cruisin' in the Lambo
Time to change hoe, but money still the same though
*****es with the murder, murder with the *****es
Homies in my hood ***** trippin' bout they riches


See my homie caught life, couldn't do it twice
He held court on the street that night
Nobody trippin' but the hood be flippin'
On the laws, **** 'em out they jaws
**** 'em in they cars
You know my hood, we don't spare nothin' blood
You know my streets ***** ****ed up in the mud
You know the cost when you playin' with the boss
Your life is lost when your playin' with boss,
We in the club, showin' some hoes love
***** want trip but I keep his hoe hugged
He killed my homie ***** but he didn't kill his family though
I'ma real ***** so I'm ridin' for his family hoe
Got to get the cheese flippin' these B's
****in' with these hoes, burn a few G's
Playin' the game right while up in these buildings
Tryin' to be the next billion


So I roll with my heater, ridin' with my heater
Never leave my *****, call her millimeter
Cruise with my hoe, on the road with my hoe
***** hustle with my hoe, ***** **** with my hoe
Never leave my ***** she hard core rich
Purely white top *****, ain't hit quick
16 ***** better yet banana clip
Gotta brother names chopper ***** break down bricks
45 snub met his whole blood,
2, 2, 6 ***** that uptown plug
Flippin' through the curb, gave the homie word
Penitentiary chance when ****in' with them birds
Back to my block though, millions wont stop hoe
From the bottom to the top with this cash flow
I'm in my caddy *****, livin' lavish *****
Livin' with the homie ***** quick to grab my ****


Written by: William Devaughn, Jay Jenkins, Steven R Arrington, Leroy Bonner, Charles C Carter, Tauheed Epps, Waung Hankerson, Ou0027shea Jackson, Marshall Eugene Jones, Dijon Mcfarlane, Ralph Middlebrooks, Walter Junie Morrison, Norman Bruce Napier, Roger Parker, Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, Marvin R Pierce, Clarence Satchell, Gregory Allen Webster, Eric Wright, Andre Romell Young

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