Hail the Sun Railmaster Lyrics

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This state of mind's got me crazy
How could you get me so angry??
Look now, You've got me screaming!

[Verse 1]
There's a lot going on inside my mind
It's true I'm always lying
(I've wondered)
Am I already dead if I'm living to die?
I'll sit and listen, but I'm thinking
'bout how bad I want to open the window
And shove (shove you)
Right out of it!

There's no way that you could guess
What I'm about to do

I'll cheat just to win
Tunnel-vision type reaction!!


[Verse 2]
Laying here with my baby by my side
But something isn't right
I forget that I'm solo
Who's this brunette girl?
Lets fuck anyway!
I'll use you more than your using;
Like the drugs that you're abusing
It's so easy not to stop

Hey there Facade
Without your help they all would know that I'm a fraud
It's like a game
It makes me sick
But I can now admit I love the rush I get
To overact
Use words to hurt
I'll bite my tongue just long enough to kill the nerves
And ride you out
I'll ride you out
Ill ride you out
Ill ride you out
I'll ride you out!!

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