Cranes Rainbows Lyrics

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Give me rainbows to fill up my eyes
Give me colours so that I won't cry
Give me flowers as I go walking by
In these hours where I only try

Give me love, give me hope, give me faith
Give me all of your dreams
Now there's joy everywhere in my heart
And it feels like Spring
Where did you go?Where did you go?
And why can't I see you...
Why can'tI feel you?
Give me rainbows, take away the clouds
Give me colours
That's all I want now
That's all I want now
That's all I want now

Forever Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Everywhere
  • 2 Cloudless
  • 3 Jewel
  • 4 Far Away
  • 5 Adrift
  • 6 Clear
  • 7 Sun and Sky
  • 8 And Ever
  • 9 Golden
  • 10 Rainbows
    CD 2
  • 1 The Puppet
  • 2 Shine Like Stars
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