Game Theory Rayon Drive Lyrics

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Fair Oaks hot spot between Howe and Watt
Sell me something I haven't already got
Her name's Marie earning her PhD
Tonight I think she'd still do it with me
You come up to me so erudite, you want some senseless scene tonight
You don't know half what goes on
Live on rayon drive
21st and J, the place is okay
Fun things to talk about when there's nothing to say
Look at you three, scared of everything you see
High school and speed never agree
Now you look to be so sensitive, you want some frightening life to live
You don't know half what goes on
Live on rayon drive
Excellent taste--It's in each look on your face
A proud young member of the white race
Walk right away, I too would be bored
No memory at all of who I voted for
Real Nighttime Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Here Comes Everybody
  • 2 24
  • 3 Waltz the Halls Always
  • 4 I Mean It This Time
  • 5 Friend of the Family
  • 6 If and When It Falls Apart
  • 7 Curse of the Frontier Land
  • 8 Rayon Drive
  • 9 She'll Be a Verb
  • 10 Real Nighttime
  • 11 You Can't Have Me
  • 12 I Turned Her Away

  • Written by: Scott Miller

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