Cadence Weapon Real Estate Lyrics

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just bought a house, can't deal with the space

just bought a beat, can't deal with the bass

before you use lived good, they'd deal in the bass

you'd only feel real with concealing the mase

not now while you made a great choice

this'll be a good home, i think you gotta a nice voice

however you seen cause it feels real fresh

cause the rappers over here don't ever say "def"

brownstove coal lady, opposite arrest

we deal in condominiums, they usually weigh out

windows on your side view, when you go down south

over there it's okay to have gold in your mouth

i sold crew a house now it's a workstore

real estate sales are the oldest turf war

we've got proxy even though it hurts more

you're on a lease if your major label

I made a deal today with selling real estate

owning land, i wrote so slow

oh no, go-go i'm a focused man

is gotta good look, let's get's em on the block

with a grey suit, hey you, don't really get it

you undersell a house, let's get more specific

i outsell my city, put your eyes on the digit

i get more billings than the parkland district

and whyte.ave sit on my face for the bus

trust.. me, i know some other salesman that

we're the same wave, but their character fails them

they sellout and their heads unfurl then

you won't see me where i'm by a pool with my girlfriend

no guns, notice this a safe neighbourhood

where everything is okay and alright and all that

what's your sales pitch sir? there ain't know tellin

i own the same house that i'm selling

I made a deal today with selling real estate

yo, hurry hurry now, hurry up, hurry quick

rappers on the radio don't talk about shit

i know a couple kids who went to school for this

then dropped out, hopped out with a wack single

remember that the chorus is a fast food jingle

that gets you in spots where the hearts start to mingle

ok pot roast, stop those raptors that are not gold seller

that are not no better than the states

I made a deal today with selling real estate

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