Fabolous feat. Lloyd Real Playa Like Lyrics

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Tryin' to show you somethin', shorty
Hey, baby girl, they say the world is a beautiful place, that's right
I'm tryin' to help you open yo' eyes and see that
Ha ha, this some ****, cool ****, real playa like

Hey, shorty, we can do it real playa like
We can go a few places that you say you like
See what a day is like when you be my a-alike
Girl, just lay back, I'll do it the way you like
(Said, it's the flyest thing, just the way we swing)
(Me and you, how we do, be so fly)

You need to leave them burgers alone and make a steak upgrade
I'm fillet mignon with a tape-up fade
I see things clear through these Mark Jacob shades
Like the clarity in these jewels that Jacob made
You sleep better knowin' you gon' wake up paid
Hairstyled, nails filed, makeup made
We can shock South Beach, shake up Dade
In a drop top Phantom with the Drakov blades
I'm a stop by the barber; you can hit the shops in the harbor
Then get the chops or the lobster
Prime on twelve, dinner for dos
We begin with a toast, end with a dose
Of the light green cheeba, rolled in a cohiba
It's Sunday, so you know the Forge is
Weather gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky
We can show the world how to be fly, yes


If you want to act Hollywood, fine; but, shorty, let's do it
When we sittin' on the hills like the Hollywood sign
And every man lies, but not every man flies
Privately to Van Nuys
Range on the runway, driver to pop doors
Straight to Barney's, somethin' we need to stop for
She like, "It's early, what we gonna shop for?"
How 'bout green grass breakfast, top floor
Later on Fred C, or Max Fields
Real playa like dress, good black heels
No 'Hanas, we can do Katana's
You, me, and ooo-wee marijuana
Then slide through Hyde, might include Mood
Maybe go to Area, if it's in the area
The Friday's young, try things my way, hun
Malibu ride, highway one

Nothing is too much, everything you touch turns to gold
You make me better (you make me better)
I'm fly as I can be, but when you're with me
I can't help but notice I'm more focused (but you're the coldest)
Girl, you are so...

Hey, shorty
Bring the Maybach, we got a long way to go
Just lay back; you had a long day, I know
And they whack, do it the wrong way, I know
I play back but have the song playin' low
While we six-deuce and let you fix Goose
In a glass with some ice, maybe mix juice in
On the way to L.I., well I, could a took the hell-eye
But we do more behind wheel
Hampton home, two floors, for nine mill'
Real playa like, two doors from Seinfeld
White marble, new floors that shine still
And the help keep food stored, wine chilled
Hey, you gotta live one day, right? (Right)
Well, how 'bout from Friday to Sunday night?
Then back 'fore they notice back up in Lotus
Let the world know we back and we focused


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