Madchild Reaper Lyrics

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(1st Verse)
Yeah, yeah, yo
I'm a demon and I rap with a serpent's tongue
My brain from outer s___e
Where the surfer's from
Fan's get jacked
Like when the circus come
Most these new rap cats
Buncha worthless scum
I'm an old rap b______
That's classic dark
Spittin' dinosaur raps on Jurassic Park
I ain't tryna hear these little back spastics bark
Dog I turn into a werewolf after dark
Little puppies pump Kool-Aid from plastic carts
Go-fish swimming guppies
I'm a massive shark
Besides lets face the facts
They don't have the parts
They wanna be friends
Gee stack thats a start
You get it in don't lie
Homie that's a farce
Besides it sounds like you rip your a__ apart
I'm a real rap slasher
Bash your smart
Track master I'll smash like a glass of dark

Eh yo my plan to attack
It is lethal
Don't f___ with the reaper
I inhale and exhale ether
Old school dope dealer with a beeper
Sleeper, groupies on the internet are creepers
Life's a b____
You can keep her
Inebriated Libra, abbreviated revert
And you don't always get what you deserve
So I'mma just take what I need
Think of me first

(2nd Verse)
Slash these little b______s
With a f___in' tongue lashing
They should practice rapping
Worry less about fashion
Imagine a fire breathing dragons enjoyment
Listening to Black Flag
While I'm spitting rap poison
Yeah, who let the bad boys in
Making bad choices
While taking Mad's voice in
Last 5 years got lost in the Matrix
Now I need a whole set of teeth and a facelift
Most kids want rings and a bracelet
Immortal demi-god wanna learn how to shape shift
Try to tell me my tapes ain't the tastiest
You can suck a c___
Get raped by a atheist
Face it
All these rappers wish that I was still wasted
But now I want the s___ so bad
I can taste it
Madchild wear a mask like Jason
Little rocky still got some stuff in the basement
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