Madchild Rebirth of the Warlord Lyrics

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[Mad Child]
Used to be flying so high. Now feel like I'm dying inside
Should I jump off a bridge or keep on living? I'm trying to decide
I was the lion in jungle. Never struggled before
Now I'm a sicko. I'm twisted, hanging where Juggalos go
Me, I'm a warlock. A poet with warped thoughts
A warrior in battle. Hear the sound of my sword chop
I am the bad wolf - keep your doors locked
Piggies keep on fucking with me, I will turn them to pork chops
Please don't get confused you know the truth that I believe in God
Still I get confused I sit alone here with my evil thoughts
I wanna try it some more, get stoned and just lie on the floor
Focus on my inner strength cause I am a lion that roars
Get a hold of myself. Quick, I'm applying some force
My friends and family, they have given me giant support
God gave me a second chance. I believe it so
I'll keep working on my art until it's time for me to go
I've seen the rivers of blood. Faces of angels destroyed
Drugs are creations of Hell. Guns are a dangerous toy
I'm a barbarian. I attack with a brutal verse
I'm searching for happiness. That's the key to the universe
Meeting myself for the first time, it's a blind date
No cocaine, no more paranoid mind state

Why should I conform? Why should I conform?
Grab this microphone and turn into a hyperstorm
When I perform I turn into a psycho dwarf
Viking horns. I am smashing like I am Mighty Thor

[Mad Child]
Mostly ironic bionic holding it down
We are all creatures of habit. I was the toast of the town
Now I'm back underground. Searching for language of frauds
Try to topple this tyrant? You'd have to vanquish a God
I can-I can feel it coming. The rebirth of the warlord
The meeting of monsters, the medieval folklore
I am the emperor. The creator of darkness
Savage with sentences. Kill a verse like I'm heartless
Hear my battle cry and fear the tyranny of kings
(Kings) And feel the fire beneath these wings
Still reclusive, self-abusive. Mental state is non-conclusive
Still confusing. Help, I'm losing! Sell myself like prostitution
Fester variations of betrayal. I was old and frail
Now you try to fuck with me? You're entering a world of Hell


[Outro: repeat 2X]
I can't stop the pain, can't stop the pain
Can't stop the pain, I can't stop it

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