Kambrium Reckoning of the Great Lyrics

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One more time
I am surrounded
By ancients
One last time
I will surrender
I will rise
Tried to stand
My purgatory
Born of lies
Waves of sin
Around my being
Closing in

I will rise again
And I will break the chains
I have come to reign
And I won't die in vain

Hunted by my own reflections
Come find me
Time has come to turn the tide now
They will bleed
Arming for my retribution
Vengeance calls
Wisdom is my greatest weapon
Curse of truth

It's the reckoning of the great
In his time the bringer of hate
Below the stream of thousands of lies
Among the lost and innocence dies

I have come to claim back my throne
I will fight until it's my own
A distant shore is part of my source
And there will be no grace of remorse

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