Ecocide Red as Fault Lyrics

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Souls are smeared upon slate canvas
For the ideal, red on worn black
Life is torn, scavenged
All for this, and we are to blame
Why is this so, that we are to blame

Stares wide-eyed, how is this fate
But it"s not fate it"s murder
It"s all because of you and me
That they are going to die
I used run, I used to fly
Used to soar up in the sky
I used to climb, up in the trees
Feel the air, the cool breeze
I used to rule the wooded beyond
But it"s you who ruled all along
And now I"m gone
I used to breathe
I used to live
It"s all because of you
We"re going to die
Ecocide Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 This Soil Shall No Longer Bear Fruit
  • 2 Static
  • 3 Proverb
  • 4 Red as Fault
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